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Original writings from Beyond


by Mike

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by Robert

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by Thomas


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Song of Light

I go with the wind.....on a journey to the Light,
distant, shimmering, brilliant white.

Moving through darkness...lost and alone,
further and further into the unknown.

So afraid...I tremble and quail,
Bemoaning my fate, I whimper and wail.
And I'm falling, falling down, down into the nether.

I empathize I couldn't before,
Petty wrongs I choose to ignore.

For, always, I was kind, with a gentle, loving heart.
I gave of myself to others and always did my part.

Now I put all this behind me....It was only for me to see.
I lived, I loved and I learned.
That's why life was given to me.

Bathed in my own forgiveness..........

washed clean and filled with love,
I soar now through the heavens
to the beautiful Light above.

And The Light asks......

""Beloved child, will you come unto me?""

Then my heart knows the essence of ""yes""......

a wonderful, thrilling peacefulness,
I know not how to express.

In The a part of me I left so long ago.
It has been here waiting for me, while I lived a life below.

I am happy.....

and with a sigh of ecstasy I give unto The Light the all of me.

Now I am and shall ever be
with The Light,
distant, shimmering, brilliant white.

by Joan Kirk 1977


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Keep a candle burning for each and everyone of us, here and Beyond



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All graphics by Joan Kirk, who left for the other world on  25 August 1999  
and is now with The Light.

Copyright 1998  AngelicArtistry



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