Do not search for us, we will find you.
Do not wait for us, we are here all ready.
Do not whisper your name, we know it well.
We have loved you forever, time will tell...
We are your Guardian Angels.

My Guardian Angels


Thomas, my late husband,
I firmly believe,is now one of my guardian angels.
I strongly believe that we have at least one or more
angels around us, who will do their utmost to help
us through our lives here. Some of those angels are
loved ones we all have on the other side, some are
real angels, the way we believe angels to be. Real
angels have never lived a life here. They are Beings
close to God. I was told by my angel Mike, that real
angels stay with you for all the time you have on
earth and that when it is your time to leave this life
they will leave you too. I'm fortunate to know my real
angel. Her name is Zara, I think of her as female, but
Zara is neither male nor female, Zara is an angel with
wings of Light.I would like to tell you of an encounter
I had with my angel Zara.

My Guardian Angel Zara

My eldest son, now 20, when he was a baby still, my
ex husband and I went on a Sunday afternoon outing
We lived in England at the time and on this
particular Sunday we went to visit a lovely Stately
Home in a beautiful park which there are so many of
in England. On Sundays the owners would open the
Hall and park to the public. After visiting the Hall
we decided to walk through the park as well. I was
carrying my baby in my arms. At one point, we had
to cross the drive way leading up to the Hall. By
this time my husband had walked along and was way
ahead of us.There was a slight bend in the road, but
no traffic at all, so I started to get across. But I
couldn't move, I had the strangest sensation that I
had come against a huge invisible force preventing
me from moving forward.I just couldn't move an inch
and I remember panicking as I had no idea what was
happening to me.I pushed forward and there was this
"something" preventing me from crossing that totally
deserted country lane.I will always remember this
strange and also rather frightening sensation. But
then suddenly out of nowhere, came this little red
sports car, from the bend in the road at an incredible
speed. As soon as it had gone passed us I nearly fell
forward. I had been pushing so hard, that when this
invisible force let up, I nearly toppled over.My son
and I would surely have been injured or worse, if I
had crossed that lane when I intended to do so. I am
positive it was my angel Zara,who prevented me from
crossing that road that day!

I have experienced similar things many times, so
much help from unseen sources. I truly believe we
receive help to enable us to live our lives here.
And I count my blessings every day, no matter what
has happened to me, good things or less good things.
I believe we have to go through this life the way
it was planned for us, whether we want to or not. All
I know is that we are not left to do it on our own.
We have our guardian angels to guide us, but it would
help them and us, if we could only open ourselves up
for them. But most of us can't or don't believe
they can.

Father Warren

Mother Veronica

My Heavenly Parents

I have also been told, that apart from our earthly
parents, we have Heavenly Parents as well. They help
and guide us when we have crossed over. To me it is a
comforting thought to still have ones own parents and
have Heavenly Parents on the other side too.To me it
means that we never have to struggle on our own.

Soul Mates

I have been told, through my inspirational writings,
that every soul born out of the Source of All, consists
of two separate souls, therefore the term, twin souls.
It is a gift from God to give each and every one of us
a soul mate. A most precious gift! We don't always
meet our soul mate while living our lives here, but
when we do we will certainly recognise him or her.
A soul mate doesn't have to be a partner, it can be
ones child, or parent, sibling or very best friend.
But mostly ones soul mate is a partner. And if you
don't meet on earth, you will always meet again in the
Beyond! I did meet my soul mate Thomas here,we had
some wonderful years and a lovely daughter together.
And then he had to cross over. But I feel very blessed
to have met him here in this life and my memories of
him are a precious gift to me. But Thomas and I aren't
twin souls as such, we, as I have been told originate
from a multiple soul and, for a reason untold to me,
there are not so many of those, as mostly souls are
born in pairs. A multiple soul consists of four or
even five separate souls, who are as close to each
other as twin souls. I have not met my two other
soul mates here, although I know them through my
inspirational writings. And even though I am by no
means ready to go yet, I'm really looking forward
to meeting them again, when the time is right!

My soul mates




Keep a candle burning for all of us,
Here and Beyond.