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Special Poems
by Robert



Rose Garden


Come with me to the rose garden,
  we will sit by the fountain.
We will smell the roses
 and we will listen to the birds
 and all the lovely sounds around us.
We will sit there, holding hands.
We won't speak,
 we will just sit there, holding hands.
We will feel peace descending upon us
 and we will know,
 how much we love and need each other.
 And I will softly kiss your lips.
 You will respond to my gentle kiss
 and  after that tender moment,
 we will go back into our lovely home.
 We shall go upstairs.

 I will carry you up the stairs in my arms.
 And you will be giggling.
You will be embarrassed,
 for the  servants may be watching.
 You will whisper in my ear

and  I will feel
your soft, sweet breath upon my face.
And I  will desire you so.
We will passionately love each other.

Come with me to the rose garden.
 Come with me  and take my hand.

For I worship you. 


So rest now in your dreams,
 within the warmth of my love for you.
Feel it and come and rest,
within the warmth.
 Within my arms
you'll be safe.



I'm here.
Why don't we just speak together.

Let your thoughts go into mine.
And I will  return my thoughts to you.

Just rest and speak to me,
 of what is in your mind,
in your heart,
in your soul.

Speak to me.
While you are in my arms.


 The Kiss


Keep a candle  burning,
for each and everyone of us, here and Beyond.



Copy of The Kiss, by Francesco Hayez,
 kindly given to me by Barb of



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