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Words from Thomas

No regrets, no regrets, no tears
Remember me, I am with you now. I have made everyone miserable in my last life. I am happy
now, you're happy now. I am learning to adjust here and I've learned much already. I can
look after you now from where I am. We can always write together. I can make pictures for
you from what I see here and put them into your mind. I can show you my house, the house
on the hill. I can take you inside. I'll fetch you in a dream and take you there and you will
know where I live.

I'll show you my room with the mirrors, I also have a room full of light , where I can sit and
think. I will take you into my garden. I have a fountain in my garden. I sit there often and play
with the water, thinking of you., droplets splashing all around me, like tiny diamonds sparkling
in the beautiful light we have here. My back garden is a rose garden for you. Roses and roses
and roses, lavender too. The scent is wonderful. There are statuettes of little cupids and
angels and benches to sit on. There is a path with rose covered arches. I grow plenty of
flowers and bushes and fruit trees.

I'll draw you flowers. I have made a painting, oh no, much better than what I used to do. It's
of the view around my house. Yes we can do anything we like here, painting ,reading, music,
what have you. But first we learn and work, than we play, it is not much different than
before. But it is all so much better now. I'm glad to be here, I am out of the mist and I'm still
with you.

It was a shock at first, no I was not afraid and I was not punished for what I did. I made my
own mist, I can't explain that, I made my own punishment. It took a long time to find my way
here. I did sometimes see my soul friends , but I could not get to them. I made the mist go by
wanting to make it go. My mist made my mind block up. I wanted you to find me, I knew you
would and you did. I could sense your emotions, I heard you call my name, over and over
again. I wasted valuable time staying in that mist, I was feeling sorry for myself as well, but I
did want to get out and I knew I had to make you look for me and call me.

We are still the same, the way we where on your side. It isa lot like life on your side, only
lovelier and so warm and peaceful. I love the tranquility of it all. It is a great experience to be
here, it moves me night and day, yes I still love that song, I do remember it. We don't have
nighttime here, just beautiful warm light. Oh yes, we do rest, by shutting off our minds for a
period of time. It is good to be here and still to be able to be with you.

Most people in your world are too busy to find time, to sit and open up their minds for other
thoughts, therefore it is impossible for their loved ones here to get through to them It is also
rather hard to get through when there is too much sadness, too many tears for the loss of a
loved one. But of course we understand and we will wait and we will always try and come

There are darker sides over here, with souls, who have much more to learn than I do. We go
there to learn and to help. It is not friendly there, but there will always be souls, who would
like to come with us. Those are the ones we help to get into the light, nobody needs to be in
the dark. It is just a matter of wanting to get out, to see the light, if you like. We take them
into the light and into happiness. It has tired me out though, but I'm never too tired to write
to you.

No we don't know everything, it is just a matter of asking the wiser ones, they are
everywhere to help you.

I'm here, my love, I could hear you calling me, no I can't hear you in that sense, I can sort of
feel you . Your mind comes to me in waves of light and sparkles, it is hard to explain, but I can
hear you that way. I just know when you want me near. Of course you can have your own
thoughts. We will never intrude into your private thoughts. It is only when I sense your mind
full of thoughts for me, it is as if a light lights up and comes towards me.

I've come to delight in your mind again, oh those beautiful thoughts, loving sparkles and light
beams, that come to me from you. If only all of you, on your side, would know this and send
loved ones here ,those loving lights. They do bring so much happiness to us.

On John Denver

You, my love. You fill up my senses - I know that is a song, it is in your mind, so therefore it is
in mine. Yes the soul {John Denver} is here. I've seen him in the House of New Arrivals. He's
sleeping peacefully. His father is with him. I'm sure he will make music here and sing. There is
a lot of music here, beautiful music. I have worked in the House of New Arrivals, it is a happy
house. It is a house where loved ones meet again.

I'm doing well here now. I feel good within myself. I can help others, I can give love and
friendship. I was useless on your side. I've become a useful member of our soul group.

On the death of Diana, Princess of Wales

You must not make yourself so miserable and unhappy about this accident. It was all in the
Master Plan. Master is Him who looks after all of us. In the Mind of the Master is a plan for
everyone. These souls do not suffer, they will be helped by many. It will be explained to them,
what has happened, they may sleep for awhile. You must not think everything is meaningless.
We must make you understand, the meaning of Life after Life. We are sorry for your sadness,
the world's sadness, we are moved by it. No I did not know this accident was going to
happen, we cannot know, we only know about the lives of loved ones very close to us, but
then we cannot and will not tell"


Your mind is dark, we can feel your emotions. The girl {Louise Woodward, British nanny, who
was sentenced for life in the US} is not going to prison for life, mark my words, she is not
going to prison for life. She will be helped. I'm saddened by all the trouble in your world. I was
part of it all, not so long ago."

No I don't smoke anymore. I gave that up when I arrived here. You can smoke here, I
suppose. I never see anyone do it, not here, maybe on the lower levels. Yes I've seen it
there and drinking too, but not here where I am. It's beautifully fresh and fragrant here. And
soft beautiful sounds everywhere. Yes, a bit like Paradise, although we are nowhere near
Paradise yet, so can you imagine what that must be like? Sheer heaven, I'm sure.

In the beginning, I had a hard time explaining, what I had done wrong in my life on your side.
All the drinking, the pills I took to end it all. No I was not punished. But I had to talk about it in
a group, souls like myself. There are Masters there, they are everywhere, to help and to
guide us. I had to tell about my life, my emotions and the error of my ways. I had to listen to
other peoples stories as well. Oh, so much suffering for most of us, on your side. How good it
is to be here.

. . . And in my love for you
I'm always close to you
so very near to you. . . .

It is all so wonderful, my love
This link between your world and mine,
We all
We are all still together!

. . .you may not think so,
but you are happy within yourself.
So, have all the dreams you wish
And who knows
Some of them might come true!

Mandala by Harriet

We are always learning, working and helping
All to the benefit of one's development.
It's great, I feel on top of the world.
I am on top of the world.

A wonderful world, so much wonderful love and light.
So much affection and friendship.
Not to have to prove oneself.
Just to be able to be oneself.

Never to have to pretend.
It's magic here!
And you will have it all again,
Once you're on your homeward journey!



Burn a candle for all of us,
here and Beyond



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