My last homeward journey was rather confusing. I died of old age {last life in Italy in the 19th century}.  I was a lonely old man and died at home, alone. Alive one minute, dead the next. I remember sitting by my old body , not knowing what to do, until neighbours noticed I was not around anymore and came to investigate and found me dead, that is to say my mortal body.

Oh, I can remember I was highly amused by all the screaming and shouting and I watched all the commotion for awhile until I got bored and decided to walk away. The only problem was, I wasn't sure which way to walk to, so I did get lost for a brief period of time, until I saw some light -  it was very faint at first, but I decided to walk towards it. I thought I was walking, but then I noticed it was more like floating, or swimming, I can't describe it. Very peaceful, I was not sure what was happening , but I was not really worried. I felt as light as a feather and I pretended to be a bird. 

The light became so bright I had to close my eyes. I don't know for how long I kept them closed, but suddenly I heard my name being called, such a familiar voice. I heard more voices and all so familiar and then, then I saw you {I was on that side at the time}!! I saw you, I recognized you, my wife of so many lives, and I felt this sudden surge of happiness and yes, of passion as well. 

 I had arrived, all came back to me, all the knowledge I had gathered during my lives. I became me, the one I really am. You took my hands in yours and it felt as if we became one. We are one, you and I, one soul, two halves of a whole. We will always be together, life after life, after life.  Loving you forever,


I am human; I am the spiritual part of a human! I am the one I have always been. You are human in a mortal body; I am human in a soulbody. Look at it this way, I can talk to you, you can hear me in your mind, I can touch you and you are aware of it, I can make my presence felt within you, I can make you happy, I can write to you, I can move you emotionally, so what can I not do anymore? So therefore I am not much different to the one I was in my lives with you.

 Love is very important, love and knowledge of love. Remember this always, even when you find it hard to love at times. Always try to love, it is all-important!

 We can touch your mind, your soul with our minds, our souls. We can touch your body; we can make you feel us. I can make you feel me, even give you sensations. I can give them to you with my mind. I am putting my mind into yours.

 I am within you.

Our soulbodies are not all that much different to our mortal bodies. The contours are similar. It is a light body; it has not got the heaviness of a mortal body. It is a clean body, without all the organs the body needs when mortal. Compare it to an empty shell, it is a body filled with ones own being, with ones inner self, ones soul, ones mind. It is so light; it can soar to the skies. It is forever young, unless you wish it differently. It is light and beautiful, for it is filled with love.

 The children here are happy children. They are dressed in the palest blue, warm summer sky blue. We work with the children, play with them, and teach them. We teach them about love. When they first arrive here, they may be sad, because they long for their loved ones. We take them to their loved ones; they can go whenever they wish. They donít like to see their loved ones cry. But we make them understand, why it is that they are crying. The children are easy to teach. They play in beautiful gardens. There is always laughter there. Just remember, the children here are truly happy children, they have loving people looking after them. It is for us a privilege to be with them.

We dress the way we want to dress.  When we show ourselves to you, on your side, we will dress the way you are used to seeing us, the way you expect us to look. When we are here, we will wear our comfortable robes. They are extremely light to wear. They are of different colors, depending on how much knowledge you have. The lighter the color, the more you know.  We have a sash or belt around the waste. Some of us have ornaments, also a sign of knowledge and development.


There is no time for me; I have no longer any notion as far as time is concerned.

Time is not so important, not at all really.

 I have never been close to The Source of Life. {God}. You can only go there when it is your time to go there. It is possible for me to go to higher levels, where it is even more beautiful, than where we are. I canít put it into words; it is too beautiful, too pure. I canít stay there very long, it is too light, too bright, I am not ready for those levels yet, but it is good to visit and we will all go there, and stay there for a while, before we proceed to the Source of All Life.

 When your time comes, you will be shown how you have lived. All the good moments and all the bad ones. You will have to judge your own life. It is not easy to do this, but you will be helped. Some moments may be painful, as there will be regrets and it will be too late to do anything about them. You will want to be alone for a while, to ponder over this. There will always be someone close by you though, to help and guide you, to give you love and understanding. You will judge.. And you will be forgiven. But it is always better not to bring any regrets!

 I can read your mind. In a split of a second I will know what you are thinking.  The minute I come into your mind

I am you.
I touch your mind, your thoughts are mine
It is me, not you
it is us

You can make you happy; you can make yourself feel either good or bad.
Some days it is easier than other days, to feel good.
But it is all within you, within yourself
You hold the key to your own happy feelings

There is so much love, forever, into infinity.
Put your soul to mine and let go
So we can again, become spiritually one.
My other half of the whole,
Come close to my soul 
And dream

You have to learn to love and to give love.
But you are on the right track, you will stumble, you will fall,
You will pick yourself up and you will begin again.
That is the way to go about your present life

One does not fail easily in the eyes of The Source. There are many who do fail; there are more who donít.

We cannot live your life, we cannot tell you what to do. We cannot prevent disasters from happening; we cannot or will not predict your future, besides you change your own destiny all the time anyway. We are here to love and support you, to push you a little, this way or that. We sometimes nudge you on a little. Little things we do, we are a loveline for you, so you know you are never alone. We are here around you, loving you unconditionally and this for many of you is a comforting thought We bring you of our love and leave of it behind, to keep you safe and warm.

Love is very important to all of us. To you on your side, but also to us here. We thrive on love, love is the utmost important emotion, it is the biggest power of all. With love one can achieve anything, anything at all.

 On the book of Neale D. Walsch. "Conversations with God"

Yes, it was the voice of God, dear one, He has many voices, I mean there are many who speak for Him. Higher Beings, so yes, it was definitely the voice of God. He picked out that person {the author} because he was ready to receive Godís word, at that certain time in his life. Nothing mysterious about it. It could have and it can happen to anyone. This particular person was ready to listen to what God had to say to all of you really. Yes we too are part of God, in the same way that you are .We are all part of God, I keep telling you, we belong to the Source of Love, Light, Life and Knowledge, we came from there and eventually we will go back there! It is the Source of Ultimate Love, it is God. You are emotional, because you have recognized, what you have read, you have read what you have wanted to read, for some time now. You are getting answers to many of your questions. This book was written for you too! It was written for many. You have recognized a God you can love; you could say that you have found Him!  

Here you are, writing with your hand, hearing the words in your mind,  
My words, coming out of your mind and onto this paper, through your hand.  
They come from me, someone you can only imagine in your mind  
Someone you donít know at all,  
And yet, someone you know best of all  
You know me within your soul  
Your mortal mind has to make me up, but your soul,  
Your soul knows me best of all.

To know that there is a place for you later on, 
that there is love for you, light for you
To know you will go to a better place, to be with loved ones, 
to be close to the Source of All, 
to know all that, should be a comfort to all of you.

We are trying to get more and more people to understand our world, to believe in it. It would make your world a better place to live in.

{My dream of Robert:  I walked into my bedroom, passing the window, suddenly I was grabbed by a huge force into the curtains. I panicked, I was being suffocated. I started to scream, without a sound. I knew I was having a nightmare. Just as suddenly I was in my bed with my arms around a man facing me. He was holding me very close to him. I was not frightened anymore, but felt a huge flood of love coming over me. I could feel firm, naked skin under my fingers. It only lasted for a second; I was half awake, half asleep. I could hear myself say "Robert". The sound of my own voice fully woke me. I was unafraid and happy.}

"We have succeeded
I felt your mortal hands upon my naked skin  
Then I slipped through your fingers  
But you did,  
You did really touch me."  

Keep a candle burning for all of us, here and beyond.

© Harriet