Mike's Journey


Mike here, sweetheart 
Yes I heard your question. Now which homeward
journey would you like to hear? Like everybody else
I've had several. Well, my last one I crashed in a
car {Mike's last life was from about
1910 to 1947.
He was from Dutch origin, immigrated to the US, to
work with cars in Detroit, he was car mad}. I
crashed my car, got trapped in the car. I had a girl
with me - yes she died as well. 
I felt guilty in the beginning, it was my fault. Not
anymore; she's fine now. I was conscious in the car,
but I knew I would not make it, so be it, I thought.
I really did. They took me to hospital - that I don't
remember. I do remember seeing myself on a bed
and people fussing around me. I sort of said
goodbye to my body and went. I was sort of sucked up. 
I'm not sure, in a sort of a light beam, yes maybe it
was a tunnel I was sucked up at great speed and
arrived here in this beautiful land. There was a lady
waiting, dressed in silvery white and a stunning
smile. She took my hand and welcomed me, they had
been waiting for me she said. She took me to a place
where I could rest. I fell asleep and when I woke
up, she was there holding my hand. 
And guess who was there in the background? Yes,
my old friend Robert - was I glad to see him! There
were many of our soul family come to greet
me, but not you, nor Thomas. You had gone for
rebirths together. That shook me up, I can tell you.
Anyway, sweetheart you better have some rest now.
We'll get plenty of time to tell you more. 


We know, it is Christmas Eve and you feel a little
lonely, but we are here, with you, you know we are.
No we have no Christmas here, the way you know it.
It is always Christmas here, love, peace, and
happiness. Love for one and other, peace and
goodwill, we have it here. Anyone can have it.
Nobody out here needs to be lonely or unhappy or in
the dark, nobody at all. 

It is up to the individual. But first you will have to
learn to come to that desire, the desire to be near the
Light. We can all be near the Light and the Love of
Jesus. Yes, the Son of God as you call him, as I
used to call him. 

He is a very advanced Soul and a wise Spirit He is
one of the Wiser Ones, a Master, nearest to God. Yes
I have met Him, we all meet Him at some point, and
He makes His rounds, yes, thatís the right way to
describe it. He makes His rounds. He looks in on all
of us. Of course He goes to the darker places as
well. He goes everywhere. He spends much time
with the children; He loves the children, each and
every one of them. He is pure; He is beautiful, yes
the Son of God, one of our Great Masters. It is
always Christmas here. 

Live your life, without hurting others
Live it the way you think is best never hurt others.
Give love as much as you can give
Learn to love others for your own well being,
Love is all that really counts. 

Dream your dreams, but in the meantime
Be as kind, as gentle and as helpful as you can be
Respect your neighbour, who ever he may be.
It is not always easy, but worth trying,
For learning to love one another is all-important. 

Some lessons are easy, some are hard.
But the most difficult one of all,
is to learn to love unconditionally.
And always, always dream your dreams.
Set your goals,
For that is the beginning of fulfillment!

There is a closeness between you and us; there is
nothing I can compare it with. It is the same
closeness as an unborn child in its motherís womb.
You canít see each other, but you know that you are
together. You canít touch each other, but still there is
this special feeling. Thatís how close we are. We are
together, not a moment apart, like a mother and her
unborn child. Think about that when you think of us
and you will never feel alone again. 

One day in the very distant future our worlds will
become one and the same. As far as Love, Light and
Understanding is concerned! 

You can sense our love for you, for we have
wrapped you, totally wrapped you in our love. 

It is a cloud around you, a cloud of love
You can feel it, but the extent of it you can not
For you have none like it on your side.
Just know that it is there, clouds and clouds of pure
From us to you, always. 

Oh, yes, there is "hell," to use your word. A soul
creates his own "hell." You reap what you have
sown. You punish yourself, you create your own
darkness, but once you realize the mistakes you have
made, you are on your way to the Light. 

Guardian angels? Yes they exist. They are
everywhere. They are all around you on your side as
well. They are like us; I mean they move like we do.
They are much higher, than we are. Everyone has a
guardian angel. Some of you can get in touch with
them, but most of you will never be aware of them.
Angels are very close to God, to the Source of All,
they are the voice of God, His helpers, if you like. 

They are part of His love, they give only love, and
they are love as well. They are neither male nor
female. They are just what they are, angels. They
have names, of course they do. Yours? Yours is
called Zara and I will draw Zara's face for you. It
is all right to think of her as a her, if that is what
you wish, she will stay with you until your last day
on your side. They do have wings, wings of light,
beautiful, and shimmering light. Just remember her,
she is always there." 

You have to do all yourself, live your life,
But it is easier, always easier, with the knowledge
Of us being there, watching over you. 

I love the song 
["Blue eyes" by Elton John]
Sing it to me always in your mind
I love the song, I love you
I love your songs, your words.
Your mind, your soul, your inner being.
I love you, all of you 

I will always make sure
That you know
That you are never alone

Keep a candle burning for all of us,
here and Beyond.

harriet 2001



Original painting by PJ 2001




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