Words from Diana Spencer


Northampton is where I came from last. I have been back many times. It's beautiful there and peaceful. I can see miles and miles of green land, trees, many trees. I love trees, I have many trees here.  I like it here, but I was not ready to leave yet. It came quite suddenly and unexpectedly. I had not said my goodbyes. 

I was not ready to leave your world yet. I had children to love and care for. I can see them now whenever I like, but they don't see me. They don't grieve so much now -  children are so very resilient, that's good;  their lives go on. I will tell you my name, just wait, you will be told. I still had so much to do. I was not ready, not at all. I did not suffer long. I knew I was going to die, I saw my father waiting for me, that made me happy. But I was sad to leave my loved ones. They are fine now, everything heals in time. 

I wish everyone the best. I wish everyone lots of love and cuddles. I've met people I know.  I am not alone at all. But I am over on your side often, maybe too often -  I can't let go yet, but I will learn. There are many teachers here, it is good here, so much love and friendship. So happy we are on the whole. I am only sad to have had to leave my children. It was a shock, death came unannounced. 

You have all got used to it by now. It was for the best maybe, who will tell? I will go now, I have lessons to learn and my children to see. There are many children here. I can visit them and I am happy with them. I love children everywhere.

I am Diana.

I am here again, I know you would like me to come again. I have things to tell you. I am lonely for my boys. It is warm and pleasant here, but I do miss my boys. I never said goodbye, it is sad not to say goodbye to loved ones. I was supposed to see them, they were waiting for me to see them and I never did, instead I came here. I have done silly things in my life, childish things. I wanted to hurt someone,  the father of my boys. He is not a bad person, he is insecure and lonely. I can see that now. I wish I had known before. 

Too much pressure, too much of everything. I know I have done good things too, but I should have done it differently. I wanted attention. I did love the children and I did care for the suffering. I tried to help, but I could have done so much more. I was often sad and alone, but I could not see it was through my own doing. He did try to love me, but he did not get a chance either. I wish him happiness, I do feel  very much for him. I know now how hurt he has been as well, I know it all. 

No I don't see the man Dodi anymore. I would have hurt my children, my boys, if I had gone through with it. I thought he loved me, I thought he made me happy. I feel a little better now, but  I must go. 

I am Diana.

I like the way you burn candles for all of us, it is good to be remembered that way. I still find it difficult to be without my boys, but I am used to being here now. I am learning and I am trying to cooperate. I would like to do well here and work hard. 

One day I will be with my boys again. They are doing well and that makes me happy and I am so happy to be with my father again. I can see the things that are going on over on your side. 

I'll tell you one thing, I am not buried where they say I am. I am with my father. I am not there at all, I am where my father is. No, I am not pulling your leg, I'm just not there. I promise you. I am in the church where my father is, that was my wish. It is rather funny don't you think?  Daddy and I have had a good giggle about it all . I will tell you more, but not just now. 

I am Diana and I will be back.

 I am here, safe and warm and nothing on your side can harm me.

I hope he will marry her, she is good for him, more mature than I was, she suits him to the ground. They like the same things. I would like them to be happy.

I did believe in life after life before I came here. I'm glad I did, it does make things easier, because you understand. It was a shock at first though. We did not wear seatbelts in the back, that was such a stupid thing as well. But on the other hand it is better this way. It was meant to be. I was heading for more mistakes. I would have disappointed you, all of you.  I will tell you more.

 It was an ordinary car crash, a drink and drive accident. believe me. We asked him to slow down. He seemed fine when he came to pick us up, he seemed fine, I did not notice anything, only when we started to drive. He said he was going to out run the photographers. It was quite funny at first, but not for long. I was rather frightened really, he was asked to slow down, but he would not listen. Ask Trevor, he knows, he was there {bodyguard}, but maybe he can't tell, maybe he won't tell. But I tell you, it was just a stupid drink and drive accident.

He has always cared for me, he loves the boys, he is such a proud father, a good father, better than many.

 I'm not sure whether people would have been interested in me, if I had not been the one I was. I can see everything from a different angle now. And sometimes wonder, why on earth I liked this or that person, because from where I am now, they are not all that nice. But during my lifetime everyone was so very pleasant to me, they loved me for what I represented. I can see it all now. But it was fun then, of course. There was a lot of pain and sadness, but doesn't everybody get his share of that and most of you, without  the glamour, to make up for it all.

I don't know whether people will believe that you and I are communicating together.  I don't really mind whether they do or not, you and I know we are. I miss the boys.  I'm happy here, but I so miss the boys. They have their father, they get on so well together, my husband is really trying to be father and mother at the same time.

We should write, you and I, books full, shall we? Shock your world? I'll keep it in mind. You know, I still like attention, even from here.  A word from Her  Highness from the life here after, we'll have a laugh, shall we? No, no one has a title here, thank heavens. Yes I was rather upset when I lost mine on your side, but I can't care less now. Yes I did like my title. I had a good life really, better than most. I loved all the glamour - you know I did, every one knows I did. 

Now I only miss my boys, but I can see that they can cope without me, they have a wonderful father, but I am still selfish enough to want them just to miss me, not grieve me, but miss me. Yes, you're right, I know they do

My husband believes in Afterlife, you know. More people should know about it.

A year now, since the accident, a year, already. It seems to me that I was in your world only a moment ago.


I have a visitor for you, she's here now too, just like me.   

I am Linda,

I haven't been here very long. I never thought it would be like this, it is astonishingly beautiful. I wish you could all believe in it, it is truly amazing, the plants, the flowers, everything and the colors. I have never seen anything like it. So many different shades of colors. My kids, Paul, they would love all the beauty here;  they would be happy  to see me in such a beautiful place. My husband believes in life here after, he knows I am in a better world now - no more pain, no more fear. Just the longing for them, my family, my husband, but  I know that will pass.  I am fine now. I am healthy, just the way my husband knows me best, the way I was when we were young.  I'll let him know one day, he is waiting for a sign from me. I promised him. Thanks for listening, Linda.

I am a little annoyed, about all this to do about my so called grave. I don't really like it very much, as I'm not really there anyway. But I do wish people wouldn't make such a fuss over me anymore. I wish that everyone would realize how happy I am here, how happy we are here. I do miss my boys, but I have adjusted to life here and I'm fine, this is my home now and I'm happy. oh please tell everyone, tell them not to be sad, it has been a year for you now and I'm fine. I know you don't want to tell anybody about us, but you will one day. I know you will.

Do you know that Charles thinks about me a lot? You do know the divorce was not his idea, he regrets it very much and so do I. It does do me the world of good that he mourns me in his own  way. He has loved me you know, but we never had a decent chance to make our marriage work. I can trust him. The other men I've  known are not trustworthy,  they only loved me for their own personal gain, they loved me for the one I became and Charles has loved me for the one I was,

Diana Spencer

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