My paternal grandmother's journey

I remember lying on my own in the hospital and I was not feeling well
and there was not a nurse in sight. I was frightened, because I could
sense something was happening to me, but I was not sure what it was. I
felt different. There was nobody around me and I was thirsty, I wanted
a drink of milk. Suddenly I knew I was going to die. I just knew it, I
was not frightened anymore. I was ready for it and I knew it was not the
end of life as such. Remember how we spoke of after life so often? I held
on to my believe in it and my earthly fears left me. I couldn't care at all
anymore,that I was left on my own,I was rather pleased.I know my soul was
trying to break free from my mortal body, you know, I could sense it. It's a
very strange feeling.When I had fully accepted, that I was on my way Home, I
saw your granddad and my own sweet, sweet mother. They were standing beside my
hospital bed, smiling down at me. It was such a joyful sight, I cried with joy
The funny thing was I just got up and they took my hands and we walked away together.
I just walked away with them.We kept on walking, and I realized, there was no pain
anywhere. I felt different, light as a feather and young, as in my engagement
days. We used to go for walks like this in those days. My mother often accompanied
us then as she did now. We walked into a beautiful light and into a building full
of beautiful light and sounds; soft, soothing music. They told me to lie down on a
sofa and they sat with me, holding my hands. I fell asleep and when I woke again,
they were still there, talking to me softly, with those sweet voices. I saw so many
members of my family and friends, I thought I had lost. I felt so peaceful and happy,
but I fell asleep again. I don't know how long for, I lost all notion of time, but after
my sleep, your grandfather showed me this world and the house we now live in, yes we're
together again. Oh, I can't tell you how happy I am, we are, in this world. Just know
there is nothing to fear, when your time comes. To let go is the most difficult part and
the fear of the unknown. But for the soul to be able to release itself from its heavy
mortal body is the utmost freedom. To know about this world is already such freedom for
one's soul. Always remember that and you will never be afraid, when it is your turn to go
Home again.

My maternal grandmother's journey

It is very important to try and tell people of the life here, because it
will make the journey to this life easier, so try and tell. I know that
is not an easy thing to do, but some will listen and believe what you
will have to say. And it is better to help one person to conquer the
fear of dying, than none at all. I never believed in afterlife myself, I
even told you there was no such thing, but that was the way I was
brought up. In my last moments on your side, I saw all of you sitting there
around my bed,waiting for me to die. {my grandmother had had a stroke and was
in a coma}.You looked so sad and worried. It was a little funny, as I had already
left. I was, so it seemed to me at the time, hovering over my mortal body. I was a
little afraid and trying very hard to get back into my body, for I didnít want to
leave it yet. I was waiting for my son. I wanted to say goodbye to him first, but
suddenly I was sucked away by a great force and before I knew it, I came to a stop
in this beautiful land. I had to get used to the light and the warmth, but that didnít
take long. Iím with my mother and other loved ones now, but not with your grandfather,
I have not even met him yet and don't think I will. But as you will remember, our marriage
on your side was not a good one. We don't belong together, for me a great relief, I must
admit. All the sadness and fears of the old life stay behind. The peace and tranquility
here are overwhelming. It is good here, tell people, it is good to be here. And whatís
more, we can still be part of you.

Keep a candle burning , for all of us,
here and Beyond

Harriet 1999 2000