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Letter from Beyond


My darling,

Yes, it's me. See how you can sense each and every one of us by now, that is how strong
you have become. You knew it was me in your mind, even before we started this link. You
look great, like old times {I just had my hair cut} It is not as if I can really see you, I can, but
not with my mortal eyes. I don't have those any more. I can see you with my inner eyes. It's
hard to explain. I can see what you see. I put myself into your mind. Maybe that's the best
way to explain it. I can sense that you are happy with your mortal looks, therefore I know
you look great. Your life over there will be picking up. You can believe that for sure. Many
things will look up for you and yours.

There will be happy moments and many happy moments, will make a happy life. Never
forget this. I'm fine, we're fine. I'm busy, but so very often with you and our girl. Don't worry
when I don't write for a while. It is not as if I have left you, or will leave you, it is just that I
need myself, my energy for other matters. But I know you do understand. We'll have some
time alone to sort things out between us. {I had told him, that when I would meet him again ,
I still had a bone to pick with him, as a joke more than anything else} You will be able to pick
that bone with me. And I will tell you about my regrets.

But we will rejoice together, for there is always love between us, so much love. And I
have loved you in my last life. I have loved you very much so. I have hurt for you. I know you
may not believe this, but I have longed for you. But I have never been able to sort out my
problems in a decent manner. And therefore I lost all; I lost those I loved. Never mind now.
Just remember I did and I do love you, profoundly. So love me always, for I love you,



Keep a candle burning for all of us,
here and Beyond



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