Thomas' s Journey!



My journey was not pleasant, nor really unpleasant. I got stuck in this thick mist right
away. I fell asleep first, I had taken pills. I so badly wanted to sleep, to never wake up
again. But I did wake up and when I woke up again, I was surrounded by mist. It took
me ages and ages to get my bearings. I did sometimes hear voices calling and I was
aware at times of figures beckoning me, but somehow I could not focus on the voices or
the figures. It took a long time for me to get out of that dense fog, years and years in
your time sense, until you started looking for me, somehow that lifted the mist. Then I
began focusing on those voices and figures around me.

And I met Mike and Robert, they were all there, all waiting to help me. No, I was never
afraid, nor was I unhappy or lonely, just amazed and disoriented by the dense fog, but
then I thought I could hear you calling me. I heard you call my name; I heard your voice
and then I saw you sitting there, just waiting for me and then I knew I had come home
again. I was home again. I was with you again. I have been helped so much by the

No, you don't get punished for taking your own life. It is not condoned, of course, and
you will have to repair the damage yourself, I have a lot of work to do to catch up. We
will tell you more and more so you will understand. No my darling, all journeys are
different. Your journey, you ask? It is a long way off in your time sense, but when the
time comes, we'll be there to help you. You'll be so full of anticipation, you'll be dying to
see us, hmm, good one that. Enough for now, my love, I'll be back soon.




You are always
on my mind.
on my mind.
on my soul.
You are always there!






I have a house on the hill
I can see the sea
I can see the trees,
I paint the view.

This watercolour was received through inspirational painting.
Thomas used my hand to paint it. He painted his House on the
Hill in the Beyond , so I could get an idea what it is like.


Keep a candle burning for all of us,
here and in the Beyond.



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