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Words from Burford


Yes it’s me and you knew it already.
So why hesitate, my darling?
you are not afraid of me now are you?

I know I have not been for a while,
but I know that is fine with you.
You know I am somewhere close.

I know you regret things.
Our lives,
the ones we did not get this time around,
but don’t my love, don’t,
it is fine now the way it is.

She [Cathy] made the right choice,
she will be fine, she will find happiness.

And yes she has a lot to learn still,
she will, she will,
have patience with her.

I am doing fine, my darling,
learning so much, like you are.
We are doing it together,
learning together.

You as much over there
as I over here.

Now please,
I will be quiet again
for awhile it will seem,
but I am not,
I am very much around you
at all times.
And very much aware of you.

All will be more or less
the way you would like it,
you know.

Always remember
dreams do come true.

Now my darling, I am off again.

No I will come and write of course,
I will at times,
but for now I am off again,
but close to you,
always close to you.

So love me always,
for I love you.