Special  Spiritual  Awards


"I  wanted to thank you for being an inspiration to many, who
come to your site. Here is my gift to you.
 I gave you my best award. No one can
apply for this award. It is only given to the sites that effect people.
Thank you again. God Bless,

Thank you so much Comet, I'm honoured!

"We want to send a special thanks to you for being part of our
world. You are one of Heaven's Angels
 and we would like to give you our special gift
God Bless,
Spirit read
"Comet & Tea" "

Thank you Comet & Tea


I hope that you accept this award,
which is in memory of my husband
for your touching and wonderful site.
It comes from my heart to yours. Joyce.

I love to accept this award Joyce, thank you!


I just wanted to thank you
for the spiritual beauty you have given me.
Your site is amazing, and because of this,
I have made a special ETERNITY award for you--
it is the only award I have ever given out.
I truly have been inspired and blessed
by the love that you have shared...
I would be honored if you would kindly accept
this Golden Tears Award for the inspirational,
soulful beauty you have shared with me!
Peace and love,
Sherri Hellige

Thank you Sherri, it is lovely!

I would just like to send
you this gift as a token of my appreciation
for all the hard work and Love put into your site...
what a wonderful visit I had!
Truly,truly magical!

Many thanks Star*Shine lovely surprise.!

Dank je Claudia, hij is prachtig!

Thank you Grete it is so beautiful.


Keep a candle burning for all of us, here and beyond