Unrequited Love

by Harriet



You took of my affections
and then what you desired..  

I gave you sweet surrender
You said you were inspired  

And now we stand together
but miles and miles apart
your lips no longer smiling
no love is in your heart  

And so we stand together..
in the aftermath of love
Your eyes already left me
Your mind gone far away
I feel the love inside me
I'm begging you to stay..

The angry sound of footsteps
soon muffled by the snow
I know you've gone and left me
Yet I can't let you go.

if you do exist somewhere
then show yourself to me
it doesn`t matter how...

just have a heart to love
a soul to recognise
have a mouth to kiss
and eyes to drown into
have hands to touch
and arms to hold
have legs to stand strong
against the winds of life...

if you really exist somewhere
come show yourself to me...
for now it's time to love...

for Thomas

I will whisper your name
I will carry your name in my heart
I will carry it in my soul
within my being
I will whisper your name to every flower
near every fountain
in every beautiful place I will be
I will whisper your name to the night sky
to the moon and the stars
I will whisper your name in the wind
and I will wish for our dreams to come true.


how could I love?
how can I ever love again.
how could I dream?
how can I ever dream again.

you came..
and left..
shattering the twilight of my life

how could I cry?
how can I ever cry again.
how could I sleep?
how can I ever sleep again.

but I know I will go on...


...this faint longing
to love again

to hold love
within my heart again

it 's been too long
that I loved since then

oh love come
and warm my soul again...

to feel love's warmth
against my skin again

love's sweet breath
upon my lips again

it's been too long
that I loved since then

oh love come near
come my way again...



Then this is love...?
or yet the start of it...
this yearning..!

Then this is love...?
I want no part of it..
this longing...!

Then this is love...?
I won't take part in it...
This aching..!

these long forgotten feelings...
these barbs within my heart!
I don`t want them remembered..
I don`t want love to start..

then this is love..?
I can't take part in it..
this pain...!

this heart..?
it's been too long alone
it's much too late..
this heart's my own!


night and you

your voice
and mine
provocative laughter
so close and yet...?

a play with words
gentle teasing
flirtatious giggling
sweet taste of longing

night and you


night and me.


For a glance... the earth...
for a smile... the sky...
for a kiss...
Oh what I would give...
for a kiss...


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