Thoughts Beyond the horizon

by PJ

Looking over the sea,
at the distant horizon
I am the sea
you are the sky.

looking at that fine line
at the end of my vision
where the sun comes up
and goes down
there is where we touch each other,
as we did before.

Unconditional love,
invisible, yet tangible.
What we had was sincere,
it is true.
I am looking at it.

If you will be my sky,
then I will be your sea,
for as long as there is a horizon.


A friendly kiss

by PJ

A friendly kiss
I blow out of the palm of my hand
Will be carried by an angel
All the way to you
Because there is a small selection
of people which are really special
I can asure you
and I would like to let you know
that You are part of this group too..


by Megan

Can you ever hear,
The faint falling of the rain,
The laughter of a child,
The sadness of pain?

Do you ever see,
What you want to see?
Could you ever be.
What you want to be?

Can you ever feel,
The gentle rays of the sun?
The cool summer breeze,
The love in every one?

Do you ever wonder,
When it will  all end?
The happiness, the sadness,
on which we all depend.

Can we ever find,
A solution to what we know?
The feelings that we feel,
The emotions that we show?

The one mystery of the world,
Do we really need to know?


by Karin

You gracefully
swim in the bay
you gracefully
swimming my way.
You knew I was hesitant
cool . . .
you picked up my vibes
you used them
your tool .
A wonder of nature
you are
you give.

And I ?
Will remember
as long
as I live .

I will always remember

by Elfe

I remember these days,
the days when your hands
and my hands touched. . .
I remember,
when our lips caressed,
the feeling to be one. . .
I still remember
these silent nights,
these nights of passion
and I still hear your words ,
"It's wonderful to have you",
shortly before you left.
I still remember,
all the words of our conversations,
that connected us forever
and I know,
it will stay with us
for the rest of our lives.
no matter what will be in our future.

by Elfe

I flip through my thoughts
and search for the days
of the awakening spring.
I dream,
dream of spring
in this dark night.
Forget the long days
filled with emptiness
on the narrow ridge
on which everything exists....
as close to rise
as to fall.
Weightless in the vacuum
of motionlessness and silence
that are so close
and yet so far away.
And I know.......
 When it all seems to be over
 anything can begin anew
 from scratch.

For my love

by Suzanne

It seems to me,
that all I do is dream about love
and being with you.
But instead of living in Lover's Lane,
in my heart there is an aching pain.
For you my love
are far and away.
Yet, I long to be with you
for each day and every day.
Although being alone for many nights.
In the depth's of my heart I know,
that all I need to do
is dream about love
and being with you,
to make everything alright


Crystal Sea

by Moon

Between sunset and dawn
At the edge of the sea
Near the fountain of a crystal garden
You will find me

We will dance in the moonlight
to the sound of frozen stars
and if our souls happen to touch
I will lift my veil

When you awake I'll be gone
you won't find me twice
but memories of pearls and shells
are engraved in your heart



by Moon

Old friend I see you shining
across the sleepy shores

where fairy rings are dancing
The magic night is yours

You're sparkling on the ocean waves
to brighten mermaid's dreams

and will-o-wisps of changing colours
reflecting in your beams

My soul longs to be with you
and flies with wings spread wide

the way through time and space
to drink your silvery light

Twenty-seven Days


by Alexis

I remember all and I remember nothing.
Inside itís white and here itís green
All people have become unreal
Just actors playing out a scene
No emotions, nothing to feel.
And I remember sleepless nights
The coffee and the cigarettes
And those florescent too bright lights
No place to rest our too tired heads
We laughed and cried and hoped and prayed
No end would come that we could see
And life went on, but we, we stayed
Suspended in our apathy.
I remember all
but I canít remember you

My Mum


by Alexis

If you were here youíd say to me
Put something on your feet.
Why can't I feel, or see or hear?
At what point do we meet?
Your voice becomes more crystal clear,
I speak the words you spoke,
And yes, I hear your thoughts through me
We laugh and lifeís a joke.
But, if you were here, I would
Put something on my feet!

Keep a candle burning for all of us, here and beyond.

© Harriet, 1999 2000

Original painting by PJ 2001